Docking station compatibility with DVI adapters

Hello all,

I’m trying to migrate from a 2014 Mac Mini to 2022 MacBook Air M2. I want to buy a Plugable docking station to connect two old DVI monitors.

Monitor 1 connects to the Mini using a DVI to HDMI adapter. Monitor 2 connects using DVI to Apple Mini DisplayPort adapter.

My requirements are straightforward:

  • connect 2 monitors (perhaps 3 in the future?)
  • host charging for the MacBook Air M2
  • Ethernet
  • 3.5 Audio out for computer speakers
  • 4K external webcam for videoconferencing while laptop is closed

Will a Plugable docking station support my monitors with DVI to HDMI adapters?
Which docking station would be best?

Using the ‘dock finder’ I’m recommended 6 options. But I cannot find info about which of them would best support my old monitors with their adapters. I appreciate any help!

Hi Joel,

Thank you for contacting Plugable! I would be happy to provide additional information regarding our docking stations.

To provide an accurate recommendation, could you kindly provide the manufacturer and model numbers for the monitors you intend to use with the Plugable unit?

Thank you for giving us the chance to help!

Plugable Technologies

Hello Ryoma,

Monitor 1: DELL 2407WFP
Monitor 2: BENQ G2750

Thanks for the help!

Hi Joel,

Thank you for the information!

Based on your specifications, I would recommend our UD-3900PDH triple display docking station to drive three external monitors. This dock will charge your laptop with up to 100W of power, and also provides additional USB-A ports, audio, and Ethernet connectivity.

We provide a detailed installation guide here ( ) for installing and configuring the DisplayLink Manager App with macOS. Please do follow these instructions closely before connecting the dock to ensure that it works as expected.

Hopefully this information was helpful, but please feel free to reach out if you have any follow-up questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Plugable Technologies

I have an Apple M2 MacBook Air running macOS Ventura 13.5. I have connected two older monitors using HDMI-DVI cables to my brand new UD-ULTCDL. Visually, everything works fine. However, I have no audio from my external speakers (which are plugged into the headphone jack on the front of the docking station). Within the audio settings I cannot select Plugable Audio from the output list, because it is not there.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Joel,

Thank you for the update!

To help diagnose the issue, may I ask you to please keep the device connected to your laptop and everything still attached (even if not working as expected) and send us the output of our diagnostic utility PlugDebug? →

Once you have the logs, simply send an email to with the subject line of “Ticket 411971” so that we can prioritize that case and match it to this inquiry.

If you could provide your Amazon Order ID (or other proof of purchase) associated with your Plugable device, I would be happy to check on your warranty status as well.

Thank you for giving us the chance to help!

Plugable Technologies

Dear Ryoma,
I re-checked my system after seeing your message. And, voila!, ‘plugable audio’ is available and my computer speakers are working normally. I don’t know what changed, but everything is fine now.
Thank-you for your help. You can close the ticket and disregard the email I sent to you.
Kind regards,

Hi Joel,

No problem at all, and thank you for letting me know!

Hopefully everything continues to run smoothly, but if you have any other follow-up questions, please feel free to reach out at any time.

Thank you again for contacting Plugable support!

Plugable Technologies

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