Zoom on the USB2-Micro-200X USB Microscope ?


I purchased the USB2-Micro-200X USB Microscope because the listed features on the box and description includes “1x - 50x Optical zoom and up to 200x Digital Zoom” However, I cannot find any way to zoom at all! Please tell me how to zoom this camera. Thnx Dave


HI David,

Thanks for posting here on the USB2-MICRO-200X , I’ll be happy to explain the focus process in a bit of detail.

The Plugable USB2-MICRO-200X (http://plugable.com/products/usb2-mic…) employs a Varifocal Lens which changes the focal plane with the magnification. In this type of design, the maximum magnification is closest to the lens. The clear plastic housing is the perfect length (after removing the plastic lens cap) to lay directly on the specimen or just barely above. Then adjust the focus until it’s clear and you’ll be at the highest magnification.

Take a look at these images for an example for the microscope at full optical zoom:

To lower the magnification you can adjust the microscope stand so the lens is higher off of the specimen and refocus. Basically it works the same as a simple optical microscope.

Here’s a link with more detail:

I hope this helps you enjoy your microscope. If there’s anything we can do to help, just let us know!

Best Regards,

Plugable Technologies


Thanks, I understand now.



Two related questions:

  • under settings, more, there are number of unselectable settings. I take it they don’t apply to this product?
  • I have a multiple monitor setup. The software always chooses to start on the same monitor. I can move it to another monitor, but if I maximize it, it jumps back to the original monitor. I can drag a corner or a side to make it larger which more or less does what I want. I guess it’s not a problem, just a somewhat odd behavior.