What does the zoom button do?

This was helpful: https://support.plugable.com/t/zoom-on-the-usb2-micro-200x-usb-microscope/5534

But that leaves me with the question what does the zoom button actually do? It’s right there on the side, tricking me when I’m trying to reach for the snap button, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect at all. Am I missing something? Does it do something in a different mode?

Thanks for asking!

Neither of the handheld microscopes we’ve sold over the years include any sort of zoom button on the body of the microscope. Can you take a quick picture of what you’re seeing so I can try to help?

Hmm. Maybe I’m holding it upside-down and it says WOOZ ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for sending that image over!

That is not a Plugable product. While it may appear to look similar to our original microscope, it is not the same device and not manufactured by us. Unfortunately, I have no idea what that button does. Here’s an image of our original product:

While these look similar, there are some key differences. The button on the side of our device was to activate image capture.

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