Windows 10 Anniversary Update and OpenGL

I saw the recent post about issues with Windows 10 posted here:…

Is there any better solution for this in the works? I tried the main monitor trick, and am using an hdmi port on my laptop to get by, but it seems there could be a smarter software fix for this. Google Earth on OpenGL is one popular application that has issues with this, so it has to be affecting many people.

I have a post going on the windows insider forums that might grab some attention:.…

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To your question, the core issue lies outside of Plugable’s control so we cannot speak directly as to what if any changes are in process. Further to this, based on your post in Microsoft’s forum it appears you are running an Insider Preview Build of Windows, and Plugable does not officially support Insider Preview Builds.

That said, there have been cases where updating the host system’s internal graphics adapter driver can help. You do not mention which particular system you are using, but a first step would be to see if there is an updated version of the driver for your system’s internal graphics adapter driver to see if that changes the behavior.

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Thanks for the suggestion! Working great again!

I thought I had the newest integrated display drivers from Lenovo ( but soon found out that was ancient. Lenovo hasn’t updated their drivers for my machine.

Then, using the Intel driver install exe for version sourced NOT from lenovo, it claimed my machine wasn’t allowed to install the driver. All you have to do is download the zip file instead, unzip, and point windows to look specifically for the install file. Here’s a guide:…

Hope this helps someone else!

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for getting back with the update, and you are of course most welcome for the help. I am glad to hear that things are now working as expected with the updated driver.

Your experience is not all that unusual, as it is not uncommon for system manufacturers to ‘customize’ a graphics driver for their systems which will on the surface prevent installing a driver available directly from the manufacturer (in this case Intel). Further to this, the system manufacturer often stops ‘publishing’ newer versions of the driver at some point after the system is released.

You did a great job isolating the issue, and in addition to the link you provided Intel also has guidance for ‘manually’ installing the .ZIP version of their graphics drivers here ->…

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