Why Has My Model USB3-HUB7-81X Stopped Working???

I have had a Plugable Model USB3-HUB7-81X (S/N 1090002319846) for nearly three years. I went on a three-week vacation and left it at home. Upon my return yesterday, it stopped working after being reconnected to my laptop. I’ve unplugged it from power, waited 1 minute and connected power again. No change. I performed a “clean” restart of my computer (totally disconnected from power [electric & battery], drained the capacitors and restarted). No change. Any others with a problem like this or advice for a solution?

Hello Steven,

Thanks for contacting us! We’re sorry to hear that your hub is malfunctioning. You mentioned you already tried a power cycle on your hub. We appreciate you trying to troubleshoot the issue.

If you haven’t already, please try completing a full reset of the hub by following the below steps.

  1. Fully unplug the hub from all devices, power, and USB cable to the host computer.
  2. Reconnect the power cable first, USB host cable next, and USB devices last.

If that does not resolve the issue, please let us know. We’re happy to help walk you through the troubleshooting process further.

Thank You,

Plugable Technologies