usb network adapter rebooting tablet


i recently bought a usb2-E100 to use with my android tablet.
When i connect this device to the usb port of my tablet it constantly reboots mys asus tf 300.
it work fine on a windows laptop.
can you please help since i bought this for use with my tablet.


Hi Romano-

Thanks for contacting Plugable support, I’ll be happy to help.

We’ve seen a nearly identical issue previously:…

In this case, the issue turned out to essentially be that the tablet could not supply enough power for the adapter. For what it’s worth, I personally have a TF300T as well that I sue the USB2-E1000 with no problems with- I might recommend contacting ASUS to see if they can help with a repair/replacement. Another option is to use a powered USB 2.0 hub between the tablet and adapter to help confirm if this is indeed a power issue, and to get a stable connection by using the USB hub’s power supply to avoid issues with the tablet’s ability to supply needed power.

Hope this helps. Please let me know of any other questions.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies

Hi Romano-

Just a quick follow up note- I typically use the USB2-E1000 with my TF300T, however the USB2-E100 has also been no problem on my personal one (running latest ASUS release 4.2.1 (and since summer 2012).

One other possible factor is whatever device you’re using to adapt the ASUS proprietary port to USB: I use their keyboard dock’s USB port, and have heard good results from others using the ASUS adapter dongle.

Again, hope this helps, please let me know of other questions.



Hi Jeff

i have the exact same setup i have tried it with theit keyboard dock and with the usb adapter and both ways within a couple of seconds it reboots.


Also i just noticed that if i have no lan cable connected to it it doesnt reboot the tablet as sooon as i connect the lan cable it reboots within 10 seconds

Hi Romano-

It is expected that the USB2-E100 would need more power when connected to ethernet than when inactive an not connected, so this would also seem to suggest a power related issue.

Please try using a powered USB 2.0 hub between the adapter and the tablet and let us know if this avoids the problem as it did in the similar case here:…

While we don’t have any problem sending a pre-tested replacement, the fact you mention that the adapter works with your PC with no issue, and our past experience, suggests that the source of the issue is insufficient power availability coming from your tablet.

Please let us know how it goes with a powered hub in between (or if you don’t have a hub to try this).

Best wishes-


Hi jeff

i will try to find a powered usb hub and reply back to you,
because i dont have one currently