USB C Cable


Having bought another monitor, the USB-C cable that came with my USB-C Triple Display Docking Station is now in front of one of my monitors due to the position of the USB-C port on my laptop when I have it on my laptop stand ( :frowning:

To solve this I bought a right angle USB-C cable ( but my laptop then failed to pick up one of the displays connected via HDMI. After some troubleshooting I have everything working again with the USB-C cable that came with the Docking Station - but the cable is in front of one of my monitors. Back to square one. It looks like the problem lies with the 90 degree USB-C cable that I bought.

Do you have any recommendations on a 90 degree USB-C cable (or any 90 degree USB-C adapters) I can buy that will work with my USB-C Triple Display Docking Station?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting!

Unfortunately, you’re exactly right that the issue likely lies with the USB-C cable. Not all USB-C cables are created equally. Third-party USB-C cables often do not support video or even Power Delivery (just data transfer), and because of this variability, we always recommend using the original USB-C cable that came with the unit. However, I understand you’re looking for a 90 degree variant.

I’m afraid we do not sell this kind of cable ourselves and are unable to recommend a third party cable. We haven’t tested any in our labs.

To at least point you in the right direction, you will want to find a cable that specifically states that it supports video transfer or DisplayPort Alternate Mode (Alt Mode), as well as Power Delivery (PD). However, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that these third party cables will work as expected with our docks.

I hope this helps clarify.


Figured I’d share the solution I got to seeking a right angled USB C cable. I ordered these and they work perfectly with the original cable:

I recommend them for anyone who’s seeking a right angled USB C connection solution.