USB 3.0 Expresscard Driver

I just purchased an USB 3.0 Expresscard from Amazon. I cannot load the small CD-Rom disc (I do not have a pop-out drawer, it is auto insert and only supports standard size discs). Where can I download the driver for my Win 7 64 bit laptop for your device?

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You may download the drivers from:…

Please let us know if this doesn’t resolve the problem or if you need further assistance.

is there one available for mac?

Hi Harrison - No, there’s no support for USB 3.0 on Mac. It will depend on Apple’s timetable, and then whether they support the Renesas chipset.

(and in the case of this product, whether there are any compatible MacBook (Pros) with an ExpressCard slot).

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The MacBook Pro 17 from Mid 2009 onward has an ExpressCard/34 slot.

Turns out there are a few ExpressCard USB3.0 manufacturers that support MacOS X. In particular, CalDigit and Lacie. Lacie is proprietary for their drives, but CalDigit isn’t, works with other drives like Samsung. See…

See my note below sir, while not a solution for your particular problem, I’m glad you posted this as it made me look elsewhere. I’m going with the caldigit ExpressCard USB3.0 adapter.

Is there a driver on the CD for XP?
I have the CD with the card, no instructions at all.
Tried a couple of driver installs and just hung my laptop, lucky to get it going again.

Hi Bill,

Here’s a link to the driver download page, the driver package there is compatible with Windows XP.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

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Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.
Your Renesas software was on a mini CD that came with a AKE USB 3.0 expresscard I bought.
It appears to be the same as what I have.
It hangs my laptop as well.

Guess my XP laptop, which is up to date on all Windows updates is still not compatible with this AKE card.

The eBay seller here in Canada has no clue about this, and there is nowhere to get support for AKE products, maybe if I spoke Chinese.
So live and learn.

I should have bought your card with your software and I’d probably be up and running, but I see I can’t get here in Canada.

Regards, Bill

Jerome & Bernie:

I cannot get the AKE 3.0 experss card to work on my Vista Dell laptop. The error message is this: Windows was unable to install your Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller. Windows wcould not find driver software for your device.

I allowed my computer to search the disk that came with the card, with no luck.

I downloaded from the site that Bernie recommended in his posting from one year ago, and I unzipped the file….
again no luck.

Obviously, I am pretty frustrated with the product. Any advice on what try next?



Hi Bill and Skippin SC,

The AKE express card is not a Plugable product, but I believe it does use the NEC/Renesas chipset, so it should use the same driver package.

I’m wondering what the make and model of your laptop is. The PCI-e slot is physically similar, but electronically incompatible with some earlier interfaces. Because your laptop has Windows XP, I would double check that it has an ExpressCard slot. Feel free to contact us at about the options for getting our products in Canada.

Skippin SC~
In order to manually install the drivers you can go into device manager (start menu–> type “device manager” in the search box) then find the USB 3.0 card and double click, then select the drivers tab and from there you can choose update driver and then select the unzipped driver package you downloaded. Because the AKE is not a Plugable product, I’m sorry I can’t help more, but I hope this helps get you up and running.

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That is a Renesas driver, not NEC. I need a NEC USB 3.0 driver. I have a BC618T USB3 expresscard

H Daniel,

Renesas and NEC USB 3.0 chips are one and the same. Since the companies merged, the newer USB 3.0 chips have carried the Renesas name, but the drivers still work on either.

However, we don’t sell AKE products like the BC618T so to be sure you have the correct drivers, you’ll have to contact support for AKE.

Thanks for you comment,


Is there anyway I can get this to work on a 2011 Macbook Pro 17" just for usb 2.0? I knew it wouldn’t work for usb3.0 but I wanted the 2 extra usb slots.

Hi David,

Thanks for posting here! If you just need extra USB 2.0 ports for your Macbook Pro, a powered USB 2.0 Hub like our Plugable 10 Port Hub or Plugable 7 Port Hub would be the best solution.

If you do not need that many ports then our Plugable 4 Port Hub is another option.

Our hubs don’t require any driver installation too, since hub drives are integrated into the Operating System.

Please do feel free to shoot us an email at if you need any additional information. We are here to help!


hey Roze,

So I take it that this express card 34 wont work then : (
I would like to have the extra ports but I didn’t want to have to carry anything extra. The express card 34 is perfect because it sits flush. But I’m guessing that’s all its gonna do : )

Does Windows 8 have built in drivers for these Renases/NEC cards?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for posting your question here on our support forum. Yes, Windows 8 does have support built in for the Renesas USB 3.0 chip set.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can do, we’re here to help!


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Hi Jerome Myers,

I bought the AKE BC618T from Amazon.
I installed two drivers one from the mini cd that it came with and the other one that you posted earlier. But I am having a little trouble with the card. It works fine when I plug something into it. But when I turn on my laptop from STANDBY mode little window error comes up “The renesas USB 3 H surpassed the energy output of the port”
Why does this happen if i have the little power cable conected to the express card?

I have an HP Pavilion dv2000 with 1.6GHz and 2GB RAM 32 Bit Windows 7