Some problems with 2020 13" MacBook Pro

I am running into some oddities and was wondering if anyone else has run into this:

  • With two 1080P monitors hooked up, I can only get one to work consistently (or at all, really). This is utilizing a DP-to-HDMI active adapter on both monitors.
  • Network adapter will not get a DHCP lease, always a self-assigned IP
  • My MacBook Pro will sometimes restart itself when being plugged into the TB3 cable
  • The USB ports will sometimes not come online when plugged in

It will consistently charge the MacBook Pro, however. Any thoughts?

Hi Bob,

Thanks for posting.

The issues you describe overall are obviously not the expected behavior of the dock. Issues with almost all features of the dock could potentially mean a faulty dock, but I’d like to start with a System Management Controller (SMC) reset first to see if that helps at all.

Please disconnect the dock from the computer, reset the SMC following Apple’s guide, then reconnect the dock to the computer.

Does that make any difference with the issues you report?

Thank you for giving us a chance to help!


Sadly, no, no difference. I have a colleague at work with the same docking station, I will try with hers and see if it makes a difference and report back.

That would be a great test, if possible.

Please do keep me posted on how another dock fares.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.


Just finished testing and my colleague’s docking station works. She is even using the same model active display adapter I am.

Thoughts on more I can test?

Thanks for getting back to me.

If your MacBook Pro is working properly through another Plugable dock of the same model, then that would suggest that the dock may be faulty.

Could you please reach out to us at and include “Ticket #319766” in the subject line? Please also include your Amazon Order ID in the message, and we’ll be able to assist with a warranty replacement from there.

Thank you!


Just sent in the ticket. Thanks!

Bob reached out to us directly and we moved forward with a warranty replacement. The replacement unit is now working as expected.

I’ll be closing this thread, but for any other questions, please feel free to open a new topic or reach out to us directly at Thank you!