Samsung monitor stopped working with Plugable Dual Monitor Docking Station UD 3900

I recently purchased Plugable Dual Monitor Docking Station UD 3900. It worked as expected for two days. Then the display stopped working. All other peripheral connected with the docking stations work as expected.

  • I am using Acer Chromebook with a Samsung monitor. The monitor works if I connect it directly with the Chromebook (that indicates there’s no issue with the monitor itself)
  • I also tried with a Windows Surface laptop. The same thing happened; the monitor worked for 2 days and then stopped working. [Drivers were installed from HERE]

Immediately before the monitor stoped working, I had tried to connect my Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphone as a source to the docking station. That’s when the monitor stoped working. After then, when I removed the smartphone and reconnected with the laptops, I was never able to bring the monitor back online. Please help.

Hi! Thanks for joining our forums and I’m sorry to hear about the issue you’re seeing with our docking station. The dock should work without any drivers needed on the Chromebook, and should also work with the Surface when the DisplayLink software is loaded. However, the dock won’t work with a Samsung Galaxy though.

If the dock is no longer working with your Chromebook when you power cycle the Chromebook and the dock then you likely have a failed dock and we’ll need to see if we can send you a replacement. I’ll follow up with you by email to get your order details to see if we can send you a replacement and then I’ll update this forum thread when we have an update.


hi Andrew, I have emailed you the order confirmation. Please advise the next steps.

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