Resolution won't match??

I’m running a Toshiba Satellite Pro S300 with your UGA-125. I have 2 ASUS 19 inch VB195T model number monitors. For some reason I can’t get both monitors to show in 1280 x 1024. The monitor connected to the UGA-125 is correct but the other one connected to the VGA port is not. It only allows me to go to 1280 x 800. If I unhook the UGA device it works fine in my VGA port. I have upgraded the Monitor driver and video card to no success. Also the vga port shows up as 1/2 monitor and the uga shows up under the number 3. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. Any help would be great.

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for posting! Sorry to know about the trouble you are having in setting the same resolution on both the external monitors attached. Let me try to help!

The fact that the monitor connected through the video out port on the laptop shows as 1|2 means that it is in duplicate mode. As the native resolution of the laptop screen is 1280x800, Windows will not allow you to set the resolution any higher for the laptop screen. As the monitor 2 (connected through the video out port) is in duplicate (or mirror) mode, the resolution is being limited to 1280x800.

The only way you can set a higher resolution on this monitor is by changing the mode of this display from duplicate to extend. Once the display is in extend mode, you can set a higher resolution than 1280x800.

If you are interested here are a couple of links with more information on setting up multiple monitors -:

Windows 7 multiple monitors
Windows XP multiple monitors

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Actually, it turns out I had to open my laptop and from this screen I had to disable my laptop screen and make my first ASUS monitor the primary. Once I did that everything worked fine.

Hi Stephan,

Great! As you are not using the laptop screen, that is a good option. I am glad that you are able to get intended setting!

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