Poor mouse performance

I just got the Plugable usb 3.0 docking station and hooked it up to my new Surface Pro 128. It is working good, except for the mouse. I am using a Logitech M510 mouse with a Logitech solar keyboard. They share the same usb dongle. I had both mouse and keyboard hooked up to a desktop PC running Windows 8 Pro with no problems. Now, using the Surface with the docking station, the mouse stops moving and pauses frequently, make performance unacceptable. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Hi Bill,

Thanks for posting here! Most wireless networks and mice, communicate at a frequency of 2.4GHz. When powered, a USB 3.0 port or device will generate significant broadband interference around the 2.4GHz band, as part of it’s normal operation.

This severely reduces the range of any wireless keyboard/mouse dongles or wireless network adapter in close proximity to the USB 3.0 port through which the USB 3.0 device is connected, resulting in spotty performance and intermittent disconnects. Intel published the below white paper that talks about this issue in detail: http://www.usb.org/developers/whitepa…

Here is a link to another post where the user had issues with intermittent disconnects on the wireless adapter when the dock was connected via a USB 3.0 port on the system but got resolved by connecting the dock to a USB 2.0 port on the system : http://support.plugable.com/plugable/…

We usually recommend connecting wireless devices/dongles as far away as possible from USB 3.0 ports. However with only one USB 3.0 port on the Surface Pro, there is not much we can do other than moving to a wired keyboard and mouse.