Monitor freezes and mouse does not work on monitor once switched

I have plugged a Dell docking station into your USB 3 Sharing Switch and the front USBs to 2 laptops. I have connected to the docking station a single monitor, keyboard and mouse. At first I see one of the laptops and everything works. When I switch to the second laptop, the mouse is activated on the second laptop but I do not see the second laptop on the monitor. I still see the screen from laptop one. Then, if I switch back to laptop one, the mouse only works on the laptop, not the monitor. Its as if the monitor is frozen.

I have switched the USB cables around and still the same behavior.

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Based off your description, I understand that the display connected to the Dell dock is not properly toggling between your two computers. Can you confirm that this display freezing issue is occurring when toggling in both directions? For example, are we seeing issues when toggling from laptop #1 to laptop #2 as well as from #2 to #1?

Pending this information, we’ll be able to better assist from there.

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Yes. Once I toggle the monitor freezes. Even when I toggle back and forth it stays frozen. And the mouse only works on the laptop screens, not the monitor once I toggle. So it seems to recognize the 2 laptops when I toggle, it just does not display the correct laptop in the monitor or have the mouse work in the monitor.

Thanks for clarifying that this issue occurs when toggling in both directions (and not just one).

Could you please provide the specific make and model of the Dell dock you are using?

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It’s a Dell Displaylink D1000

Thanks for getting back to me with that detail.

Given what we’re seeing already and the issue at hand, I’d like to go ahead and send you a warranty replacement switch to help us make sure that the hardware is working as expected.

To get this process started, please contact us directly at with the following pieces of information:

  1. The Amazon Order ID (or other proof of purchase) associated with the Plugable switch
  2. A preferred shipping address

You may include “Ticket #365739” in the subject line of the email so that we can match up this post to the case.

Thanks for your patience!


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