Macbook Air M1 no audio through 3.5mm jack

Hi, I am having the exact same behavior as this thread from earlier this year:

I purchased a refurbished unit from the Plugable eBay store. Is there any way to get a fix or replacement?


Thank you for reaching out to us, I am sorry this is not working as expected and I am happy to help! I believe I just replied to your contact through email, if you see a second email through eBay please feel free to disregard that email and we can continue through this direct email. Below is the same reset procedure to see if we can enable the 3.5mm audio output port.

I recommend we start by resetting both the computer and docking station to verify the docking station is being correctly detected and to see if this helps to enable audio output from the docking station’s 3.5mm headset port:

  1. Disconnect the docking station from the computer and remove the power connection from the back of the docking station, unplug all USB devices from the docking station
  2. Disconnect the docking station’s power supply from the wall and let both the docking station and power supply sit for 30-90 seconds to fully discharge
  3. Restart the computer
  4. In macOS: Apple Menu > Restart
  5. After 30-90 seconds, reconnect the power supply to the wall socket or power strip
  6. Reconnect the power supply to the docking station
  7. Verify the blue power LED is illuminated on the front of the docking station, please let me know if this does not come on when connected
  8. Reconnect the docking station to the computer
  9. Please be sure to use the original USB cable provided with the docking station
  10. Connect the cable directly from the docking station to the computer, adapters, hubs, or cable extensions may reduce the docking station’s capabilities or prevent detection
  11. Connect the headphones/speakers to the docking station’s 3.5mm output port
  12. Open the Apple Menu > Preferences > Sound > Output [Tab at the top]
  13. Left-click on the Plugable Audio device to ensure this is selected, at the bottom of the window uncheck the “Mute” checkbox and adjust the volume slider to about 5% ( close to the left edge )
  14. Start a video or music and slowly bring the volume slider from left to right to increase the volume while listening to the headphones/speakers
  15. If there is no audio, please repeat steps 7-10 but with the headphones/speakers connected directly to the computer and select the MacBook’s audio port in step #9 to ensure the headphones/speakers are working correctly

Please let me know if this helps to enable the audio output, and if not we can go from here.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies

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