HP LP3065 will only go to 1200 x 800 resolution!

My HP LP3065 30 inch monitor will only obtain a resolution of 1280 X 800!! What gives? This monitor should go all the way to 2560 x 1600! What can I do to get more resolution? I have 3 screens currently in use, my laptop, a Compaq LE1911, and the 300-inch monitor.

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for posting. Sorry for the frustration - unfortunately, I think I will have bad news for you.

Monitors limit what modes are available, via EDID (Extended Display Information Data) that is exchanged with the graphics adapter when the drivers start up.

When the best mode a monitor offers is exactly half of it’s native mode, it’s usually a sign that the monitor has saved the expensive of having a scaler, and only supports it’s full native resolution and half that (1280 x 800 is half the native X and Y resolution of the LP3065).

We see this most often with the Apple Cinema displays, which don’t have a hardware scaler.

Most PC monitors don’t have this limitation - most have an internal hardware scaler and can support nearly any mode below their native/max (they report 4 particular preferred ones in their EDID).

Unfortunately, the HP LP3065 appears to be like the Cinema displays. Other HP LP3065 users are running across this same 1280x800 limitations in other circumstances:


Unfortunately, because this means only two modes are available: 2560x1600 (native) and 1280x800 (half), and because no USB 2.0 graphics adapter on the market supports 2560x1600 (nor does any single-link DVI; dual-link DVI is required) – you’re not going to be able to get 2560x1600 via USB 2.0, and 1280x800 is the only other option. The monitor can’t do anything in-between.

Sorry for the bad news.

If you’re ok with half resolution, or have another monitor to use with your USB graphics adapter, that’ll be the way to go. If not, we understand and we never want users stuck with hardware that work work for their setup. Returns are easy via http://www.amazon.com/gp/css/returns/…

Again, my apologies. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks,

I’m sorry to necropost this one, however I’m getting the same trouble with the same monitor.

My current configuration is a laptop (asus n551jm) connected to one of the monitor’s port through an hdmi/dvi adaptor cable.

My laptop has a dedicate nvidia graphic card, so it should be more than capable to reach such resolution.

I’ve tried with both my SO: debian Jessie 3.16.7 (for work) and win 10 (for gaming)
In every cases my SO can’t see a resolution higher than 1280x800.

I appreciated all the techinical details in your answer, however that doesn’t help me much, since the whole issue boils down to this simple question: how can I use the full resolution of that monitor with a laptop that is able to reach way higher resolutions?

Thanks for any help