Connecting to Bluetooth 4.2 Device


I just installed the adapter and it seems to be working properly with my Bluetooth 2.0 device, but I’m unable to get my other Bluetooth 4.2 device to properly work.

I’m able to connect to the device, and it shows up under the “Playback” tab of audio devices, but doesn’t let me set as default and is grayed out saying “Disconnected” despite it showing up as connected in the Bluetooth settings.

After looking further into this, I realized that because your USB adapter is 4.0, it may have trouble connecting to 4.2 devices. However, I found this support forum saying that there possibly is a workaround.

I followed all the steps, and here’s a link to the file it created (sorry, don’t see an option to upload it here):

Please know if there’s anything we can do about this, thanks!

Hello Bryce,

Thank you for your message!

To start with, I’d like to get some more information including the log file that was generated.

Could you please send an email to and reference case #254807 with the PlugDebug output attached?

Also, could you please include your Amazon Order ID for the adapter?

Lastly, could you please tell me the make and model of the Bluetooth 4.2 device that you’re hoping to connect via the adapter? (A link to the product page for the device is greatly appreciated!)

I look forward to assisting you further via email.


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