Brand new unboxed monitors not being seen

Hello, Setting up a brand new HP laptop zbook firefly 14 G7 to your TBT3-UDC1. I am using your cable to connect the laptop and the dock, then using standard dvi to DP video cable from the doc to the new laptop. The displays will not connect. they are brand new ViewSonic VA225225m_H2, I have updated the windows 10 pro drivers for the HP laptop and the monitors, and the Thunderbolt doc is brand new out of the box. any suggestions to try to get both displays to be seen. I have already swapped the cables with a different brand.

Hello Michael,

Thanks for contacting Plugable support! I’m sorry to hear about this display issue through your Plugable docking station, but I’d be happy to help!
Are you able to provide a link or model number of the DVI to DP adapter that is being used in this configuration?
Are you able to test this docking station with another compatible device? This will quickly isolte the dock as the issue.

I would be glad to help further, but to do so I’ll have to ask you reach out to us directly outside of our Public forum.

Please email In the message, please include the following detail:

• Reference case ID 346192

We look forward to hearing back from you so that we can assist further.


Omar D.
Plugable Technologies

Hello Michael,

Thank you for the information.

After rereading your initial post, you mentioned that you’re using a “DVI to DP video cable.”

The cable you’re using may be a Passive DVI-DP cable.

An Active cable would be recommended in this case.

Active DisplayPort cable/adaptors have a chip that makes the conversion happen, while passive DisplayPort adaptors do not.

If there is no chip, the adapter is considered passive.

Please feel free to provide a link or model number of the DVI to the DP adapter used in this configuration.


Omar D.
Plugable Technologies

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