USB Charging and Power

PS12-USB2 Plugable 12-Outlet Power Strip With 2-Port USB Charger PB-WA5K Plugable 2-Port USB Power Bank (5,000mAh) + Pass-Through AC Wall Outlet Smart Charger USBC-PS-60W Plugable USB Type-C Power Delivery 60W Power Supply PS-EPR-140C1 Plugable 140W USB-C GaN Power Adapter USB-C1M Plugable Raspberry Pi Power Adapter USB-MC1 Plugable USB Universal Fast 1A Charge-Only Adapter PS6-USB2DC Plugable 6-Outlet Clamping Desk Mountable Power Strip with 2-Port USB Charger PS1-30C1B & PS1-30C1W Plugable GaN USB-C Charger Block, 30W PS1-CA1 Plugable Outlet Extender with USB and USB-C Charger
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