Zero Ports working on Newly purchased TBT4-5UD

I just purchased a Plugable TBT4-UD5 docking station. None of the 4 USB ports, USB-C port, ethernet port, 2 HDMI ports are working or are visible. Docking station only charges my Lenovo Flex7i 14" laptop, Product #82Y20001US, Bios version L6CN22WW, 16 GB memory, running Windows 11.

I uninstalled DisplayLink, downloaded and ran the DisplayLink Installation Cleaning Utility, cleaned, rebooted laptop, downloaded installed latest DisplayLink Windows 11, and rebooted.

Downloaded and installed Thunderbolt Control Center. Attached Thunderbolt devices displays a blank screen, no approved devices listed.

I unplugged/disconnected power to docking station, then reconnected my docking station to my PC using the thunderbolt to thunderbolt cable. Orange power light appears. The docking station only charges my laptop, none of the ports are working. I’m about to return this docking station. Help. Thank you.

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out on the forums!

I am sorry to hear that you are running into issues with your TBT4-UD5, but I would be happy to help diagnose the issues here.

First, I do want to preface by saying that the TBT4-UD5 does not use DisplayLink drivers, so these drivers are not necessary for this dock to work. With that being said, can you try the following troubleshooting steps?

First, can you confirm that you are trying to connect to your laptop using the included Thunderbolt 4 cable that came with your dock? We’ve seen issues arise when a third party cable is used.

Next, can you confirm that you are connected to the Thunderbolt port on the dock with the laptop symbol above it? This is the only port that is intended to connect to the host.

Thank you,


Plugable Technologies

Thank you, Evan, for resolving my issue. After you reviewed my diagnostic log file and had me update the BIOS on my Lenovo Flex 7i laptop, all the ports on my Plugable Thunderbolt TBT4-5UD are working properly. I am very happy with your quick response and with my docking station.

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