Zero client stations over WiFi

  1. Is it possible to connect DC-125 to Wifi router using USB-to-Ethernet adaptor? 2) Will there be a performance impact when compared to a direct USB cable from PC to DC-125?

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Our DC-125 is a great way to connect extra monitors and keyboards to a PC over USB and with a Software environment such as Microsoft Multipoint server or Linux Userful. This allows multiple users to share one network connection on the PC. To the users, each terminal appears to be a separate system, but they are in fact sharing the resources of the one PC they are connected to. I hope this helps answer your questions. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a great solution out there for bridging high-throughput USB devices over wired ethernet (and certainly not wifi). The inexpensive USB-network bridges that are out there don’t work well, and the ones that work well are expensive.

You’ll want to stick with native USB connections to your USB zero clients (The DC-125 comes with a 5 meter USB 2.0 cable, so many terminals can fit in a room, connecting to the same server). If you really must go very long distances, you’ll want to switch over to (more expensive) network-native thin clients.

A USB ethernet adapter won’t help - it adds an additional network interface to a PC via USB and requires a driver on the PC to function. Connecting one to a DC-125 does nothing but add another network interface to the server that the DC-125 is connected to (the same as if you had connected the USB network interface directly to the PC).

USB zero clients are best for situations where the terminals can be clustered around the physical server. For that, they’re a simpler and less expensive solution than full network thin clients.

Hope that background helps provide context. Thanks again for asking ahead!