Zenbook pro UX501VW charging dock

I am looking for a dock for my ASUS Zenbook PRO UX501VW. I need i to charge directly from the dock, so that I only need to connect the USB C cable to my laptop.
I would like the USB-C TRIPLE DISPLAY DOCKING STATION, but the Compatibility Chart says it won’t charge. Then I found the standard USB-C DOCKING STATION, and here the Compatibility Chart says it will charge. I am just wondering if I can rely on that information? The products seem very similar, and deliver the same output, so howcome one will work and one won’t?
Hope you can help med.

Hello Ruben,

Thanks for asking. The core underlying technology in the docks, while similar, is not identical and we are relying upon customer reports for the ASUS models as we do not have one. Unfortunately due to this information we are unable to verify 100% what the behavior is.

Sorry that I cannot provide you with a better answer.