Your recommendation for my current setup


I have a Dell Vostro 1520 running Window 7 Professional which is currently connected to a hp w2338h monitor with no troubles.
I have two additional Dell 19" wide-screen monitors (model # in Chinese) that have both VGA and DVI-d ports.

I’d like to connect both of the Dell monitor as well as the existing HP monitor to my laptop and extend my desktop to all four monitors.

What is your recommendation?



Thanks Bernie - I purchased two graphics adapters today. I’ll post after I install them to let you know how it goes.


Wonderful - it will be great to hear back from you then. Thanks!


I plugged them in and they just worked - not a single issue. I tested Sleep too and had no troubles with that either.

Thanks for your help Bernie.



Hi Michael,

Ya gotta love Amazon’s next-day delivery … wasn’t expecting a reply already!

We love making customers feel like kids in a candy shop. :slight_smile:

If you have time, product reviews on Amazon make a huge difference for us. Nothing is more compelling than real customer experiences. And people are usually only motivated to post reviews when they’re angry or frustrated - so we really appreciate it when satisfied customers take precious time out of their day to describe their experiences with the product. For the UGA-2K-A, the link is…

Thanks again for contacting us, and thanks so much for your purchase!


Hi Bernie - I posted a review on Amazon.
I appreciate your help on this.


Thanks so much, Michael! We really appreciate it!


Hi Michael - Thanks for your question!

This is exactly the kind of scenario USB graphics is designed for and best at. Let’s look at the specifics of your system, then for compatibility.

The Dell Vostro 1520 has Intel Core 2 Duo processors and NVIDIA GeForce graphics

If you had an Intel Core 2 Duo side-by-side with an Core i3 or some more recent processor, running two USB monitors - you would notice the difference. The Core i3 would be a little bit snappier. But for the applications USB graphics are good at (everything except video playback and gaming), on the kind of resolutions you’d have with 19" monitors - the difference would be hardly noticeable. The processor on this system is good.

On the GeForce graphics - In general, DisplayLink drivers developed, tested, and run on lots of nVidia systems without problems. But we do see the occasional problem we don’t see on a pure Intel graphics system.

This particular laptop does not have a nVidia/Intel “hybrid” “switching” graphics solution that’s complex and sometimes problematic. That’s good.

The only problem I’ve seen in recent months on systems that are at all similar, are problems in standby/resume. They only affect a small portion of systems (usually actually higher performance ones), and DisplayLink has been working on fixing these problems (improvements in version 5.5 of the DisplayLink drivers).…

So, in short, while I don’t have a Dell Vostro 1520 here, this looks like a good system for making use of USB graphics adapters, without any reason to anticipate compatiblity problems.

And in a case like this where you have two extra monitors to put to use, it’s both easy to setup and best available solution.

Hope that helps - thanks again for your question!