Yoga C930 Docking Station Recommendations?

Just switched to a new laptop and it looks like I need a new docking station. I had pretty good luck with the UD-ULTCDL for the HP Spectre x360 15 (with frequent dock resets), but it would not run the display when attached to the Yoga C930. I’ve been trying another company’s dock, which is fine with the display and charging, but mouse & keyboard are inconsistent. Looking for suggestions for a charging dock to support:

  • 1 LG 4K display (has HDMI and DP connectors)
  • Wireless Kensington Expert Mouse (USB A)
  • Wireless keyboard (USB A)
  • Optical DVD read/write (USB A)
    Prefer at least one more USB A for jump drives, USB C for phone, and SD card slot

Thanks for any recommendations!


Thanks for contacting Plugable support! Sorry to hear about this issue. I’d be happy to help.

Also, sorry for our delayed reply. We’ve been investigating this issue in depth. Currently, it appears that the Yoga C930 is unable to output USB-C DisplayPort Alternate Mode properly through our UD-ULTCDL or UD-ULTC4K, and possibly other of our USB-C docks.

Given you’re having some intermittent issues with another third party dock, it may suggest this model system has some underlying issues that Lenovo needs to address. Prior to hearing that from you we didin’t have any other data about third party devices.

Unfortunately at this time we’re unable to make a recommendation for another one of our docks as we do not have a Yoga C930 in hand, we’ve been relying on information from our other customers and from research that we’ve been doing online.

Can you tell me for your UD-ULTCDL, do the “2K” HDMI and DVI ports function (as they do not rely on Alt Mode)? How about USB and charging with our dock?

Thank you!
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

Power charging worked with no issue. I didn’t check with 2K HDMI and I don’t think there’s an output that would use the DVI. Here’s the monitor spec in case it’s helpful - I’m traveling this week, so can check on my return.

I did have issues with the Kensington mouse not being recognized intermittently after Sleep Mode or using the laptop off the dock. Easily resolved by resetting the dock. No problems with the Logitech keyboard.


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