yoga 2 pro with ud 3900 usb docking station review

please provide a yoga 2 pro with ud 3900 docking station display review. i was planning to buy this product but after seeing the review from amazon one of the customer…, now i am confused.

Hi vishnu,

Thanks for posting! We don’t review our own products, but I’d be happy to speak to the review you linked to :slight_smile:

The DPI scaling issue the customer refers to is an issue with Windows in general when it comes to the operating system adjusting the settings automatically. This affects multiple displays on any system, not just displays connected via our products. There are simple workarounds for this, such as manually setting the DPI scaling on the system.

The other issues the customer mention may have been a software configuration issue or may have been hardware related. According to the customer’s own follow up comment, we reached out to assist but he had already packed the unit up to return it so we never had the opportunity to help.

If you elect to purchase a docking station and have any issues, please reach out to us directly at as we are here to help!

Thank you,

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