Yellow lines appearing on HDMI to USB adapter. Help please.

Hi All, I have recently installed my new Plugable USB 2.0 to VGA/DVI/HDMI VGA / DVI / HDMI Video adapter to run a third screen and once I have installed it I get yellow dotted lines appear on the screen plugged in via the adapter?? The other two screens are running from my graphics are and are not affected but the third screen connected via the adapter has these lines across it? They are spaced equally apart and only appear when I move my mouse or do something on the actual computer, and when I do they blink on and off. Running the monitor at 1900x1080 but have changes that to a lower res but still get the same problem. Very weird indeed and would really like some help please, any other info required let me know and i will post. Thanks in advance for your help. Ben

Hello Ben,

I am very sorry to hear this! I will have to convert this to a private conversation since this will involve sharing attachments which cannot be done via this forum. I will follow up with another email.

Kind regards,
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