XPS 200

I have a Dell XPX 200 running Windows XP. The computer came with a Pentium 3.00 GHz processor and 3.0 GB of Ram.

I am currently using all 5 of the USB ports at the rear of the machine but would like to add a second monitor.


  1. Is this computer powerful enough to run two monitors at 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  2. Can I use a USB hub to increase the USB ports? Will that work for your Plugable adapters.
  3. If I want to add one additional screen, do I need two adaptors or can I continue to run one monitor from the built-in VGA connector?

Thanks for your questions!

On Windows XP, for purely business application use (not gaming or motion video), that Pentium 3Ghz should be enough horsepower for those two 1920x1080 screens. Vista/Win7 are more demanding, so that would be more borderline on the same machine.

Yes, you can add ports with a USB hub, no problem. The only thing to note is all those devices are sharing the same USB host controller & 480Mbps bus. So when you have a lot of USB activity from other devices, you’ll see the congestion first probably on your USB display.

Yep, using the VGA output is no problem - you only need one USB graphics adapter.

Thanks again for posting these questions. Hope that helps!