XP, USB1.1,

I am a RN and work in the office a lot. We have a LCD 42" TV. A old dell lap top, with a VGA out port and S-Video 7pin out. The laptop has Windows XP on it. What is my best option. I believe that the usb ports are 1.1. and may not be able to load drivers blocked administration. I drives me crazy. I will be buying this myself. Need help and options

Hi David,

With out the ability to load drivers, it won’t be possible to use any of our USB Graphics Adapters. Also, USB 1.1 is not recommended for use as the available bandwidth is not enough to provide ample data throughput for video. You should be able to find a way to convert one of the video outputs from your laptop to and input for your TV, but we don’t currently offer any products for your particular case. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

Happy Holidays,