XP doesn't recognize second monitor with UGA-165 USB 2.0

My second monitor is an old Acer with only one VGA port. I I installed the software and updated the drivers. Restated my computer, and linked the components together to plug in a USB port of my desktop. The second monitor is not recognized. All I needed was a simple direct cable VGA to USB but instead had to connect USB to micro USB to one adapter then another one then VGA. Why make it so complicated?

Device is showing in device manager. It says device is working properly, however location is unknown.
Windows Display properties shows 1=Plug and Play and 2 = Default Monitor on Intel, not the actual name as there is no signal.
All cables are tightly connected to each other and desktop.
The two monitors work independently and switching them doesn’t resolve the issue.
Only one monitor is recognized at a time.
I m thinking of returning this device unless I get an answer.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for posting. Sorry for the frustration. We’ll be able to see what’s happening from the logs on your system. Could you run DisplayLink’s support tool (here’s how: http://plugable.com/support/tools/dis… ) and email the .zip file it generates on your desktop to support@plugable.com ?

From that, we’ll be able to figure out what’s wrong and next steps.

Thanks for your patience!