XP Black Screens - can't handle the upgrade?

I have a Lenovo Laptop (W500) with XP SP3 and I purchased two Plugable USB-VGA-165’s via Amazon last week.

Because I got some new 27" monitors (Planar - 1920x1080), I was upgrading my previous (non-Plugable-brand) USB-VGA adapters, which only handled 1600x1200 (20") resolution. So we know my laptop is capable of handling the concept. I use Ultra-Mon software, and haven’t had issues with it.

However, I cannot get anything but a flicker of black on the right monitor, and the left monitor causes all 4 screens (incl. open lid) to go black when plugged in. When plugged in, the power lights in the new monitors go from orange (standby) to green (ready) - but screen is black.

Currently plugged directly into laptop (will go --> Dock --> Hub once everything’s configured).

trying them one-at-a-time:

  • Device manager shows Plugable USB-VGA-165 under USB Display Adapters.
  • Ultra-Mon display settings show enabled with correct resolution on Plugable USB-VGA-15 on DisplayLink Graphics Adapter
  • Display Properties - assigned, Extend windows desktop onto this monitor.
  • ATI Catalyst Control Center can’t find these two monitors.


Chandler, AZ

Hi Andrew - Thanks for your patience! We’ll be able to help.

First thing, can you say what DisplayLink driver version you’re using? We’re recommending version 5.6 M1 rather than the newer 6.0/6.1 drivers for now.

If you have a later version, you can go back by uninstalling from Windows’ Programs and Features list, and then install 5.6 M1 from DisplayLink (here: http://displaylink.com/support/sla.ph… )

When you’re on 5.6 M1, let us know if the behavior has shifted at all, and we’ll figure out remaining problems from there.

Thanks again for your patience!