xbox kinect usb extension over cat5e

I need a USB extension over cat5e for my xbox kinect. Would USB2-E1000 USB 2.0 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter work for this purpose?

Hi James,

A USB network device like the USB2-E1000 is only for adding an additional network interface to a computer via USB – so it’s not the product you’re looking for in this case.

But we do have a product that can get 10 meters distance between your XBOX 360 and the Kinect - it’s our USB2-10M USB active extender cable ($13.10, Because the Kinect is just a composite USB 2.0 device, this kind of simple solution is possible. We have several reports from customers of successful use of the USB2-10M with the Kinect.

How much distance are you looking to reach?

Thanks for asking ahead!