Windows 7 laptop with dual HP 22" monitors connected - 1 w/DVI the other with VGA off dock station. Install DisplayLink driver, connect USB UGA-2KA unit to connect third monitor off USB and several problems arise:

  1. All three monitors come up but mouse will only traverse from center to right, right all the way around to left. No way mouse will move left of center monitor. Can’t figure it out.

  2. Open any task bar app and the app opens in what looks to be off any of the three monitors so I can’t find it or access it.

  3. Remove 2 of 3 monitors leaving primary connected via DVI - opening apps still results in app off screen somewhere.

  4. Reboot and remove 2 of 3 leaving ONLY primary via DVI - still can’t open apps

  5. When all three connected there is very apparent ‘gap’ between center and right monitor when traversing across. Can’t figure it out.

  6. Reload driver…no change.

  7. Shuffle DVI, VGA and USB ports on dock…no change.

Clearly this isn’t as easy as I thought it would be or seems. Anyone have any ideas? Do I need to have 1 and 2 monitor both via DVI and then USB? 1 on DVI, 2 on VGA and 3 on USB? Is there a different driver? Is there any DisplayLink application that can help vs. just the driver?

Hi Lee,

Thanks for contacting Plugable and sorry that the experience of using a Plugable graphics adapter hasn’t been plug-and-play. I’m going to get in touch through our private support ticket system to work with you on fixing the problems. Please look for an e-mail from and respond to that message to continue the support process.

Best Regards,

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