WQHD and UD-3900

Hello, I have two WQHD monitors and a UD-3900 dock. To use these WQHD monitors (2560x1440), I know you can only plug one into the docks HDMI and get full resolution. So to bypass this I have one HDMI plugged into the dock and the second monitors HDMI plugged directly into my laptops HDMI port. This has been working just fine but every once in awhile after disconnecting and reconnecting my laptop the monitor plugged into the dock will just go black and the only way to get the screen back is to restart the computer. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions that I could I try when that one monitor goes black?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for posting. We have already replied to your direct request for support via support@plugable.com with the next steps (we’ll need the output of our PlugDebug diagnostic tool). Just reply to us directly with that information when you have time (don’t post that here) and we’ll go from there.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies