works great, well till reboot

W510 install works fine, however after reboot, it goes directly to Blue screen, roll back and remove the UGA-2K-A solves the problem of the rebooting. please help, windows 7 n64

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your patience! Very sorry you’re hitting this kind of problem - never good! Some older DisplayLink drivers may conflict with certain GPU drivers.

You’ll want to use the latest driver directly from DisplayLink. It’s version 5.6, available here…

Install the software first, then plug in the adapter after. (if the adapter is plugged in first, it will use the current Windows Update version which is the earlier 5.5 version).

Once we’ve confirmed if the 5.6 driver is fine, we’d love to go back and gather a few more pieces of info about your system, to understand what versions conflicted here and take note of that.

Thanks again for your patience, and please let us know the results with 5.6.

Again, my apologies,