Works great on Linux Mint 16 with Jabra BT3030 stereo headphones!!

Be sure to follow the instructions for building a firmware file before (!!) inserting the device.

Hi Rik,

Thanks so much for the report on Mint 16! We definitely need to, and will be putting together better documentation for updating firmware.

One quick tip: If you happen to have a Windows machine around, plug the USB Bluetooth adapter into that first. Windows Update will download the latest Broadcom drivers, which will install the latest firmware. Then it’s ready to go with the latest on Linux.

But we’re also working to better describe alternatives that don’t require that.

Thanks again!

All in all the building of the firmware.hcd file from the windows .hex file as described by Simon Wiesmann in his post is pretty straightforward. I made the mistake to insert the usb-adapter in my Linux machine before making the firmware file, mainly to check on the ID of the adapter. That made me run in all kinds of trouble, because by doing so the adapter was installed wrongly, and I couldn’t find a way to revert to the way things were before I inserted it. A fresh install of Linux, putting the firmware file where it should be, and only then inserting the adapter did the trick.
The main disadvantage is that you need a windows machine to pull the .hex file. Mine is an other version then the one Simon Wiesmann describes, so probably Broadcomm updated the driver in the meantime.
It would help if you made an updated version of the .hcd firmwarefile available for download on your website, but maybe that’s a copyright issue.
For Linux users without a Windows machine at hand, I’m happy to share my firmware.hcd file.