Works for a Macbook pro M1? 2 external monitors

Anyone use this with a Macbook Pro M1 with 2 external monitors? worth it?


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Our TBT3-UDZ can only support one display on the M1, this will be a limitation for most Thunderbolt 3 docks.

We do offer docks that can support more displays with M1. One example of a dock for M1 for multiple displays is our UD-3900PDZ triple display docking station:

This docking station utilizes DisplayLink USB graphics hardware and accompanying drivers:

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so, if i choose this model i can t use 2 external monitors with Macbook pro M1, even if i plug one by Display port and other via HDMI?

if is the case, another other model in which i can use HDMI and Display Port with 2 monitors and M1? thanks!

Correct, the TBT3-UDZ cannot support more than one display with M1 due to M1 limitations.

We do not currently have any other dock that is compatible for M1 for dual displays at this time that has both HDMI and DP and can charge the system. We only have the UD-3900PDZ (3x HDMI) model available at this time.

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