Works fine, but then the dispay halfway works

I have plugged in my USB 2.0 docking station/terminal, and it works fine for on a single display 24 inch monitor. I am using an HP laptop running Win 7I close the laptop so I am only using my monitor

However, after about 5 minutes, half the screen stops working. In fact, the top portion of the screen locks up. The botton portion of the screen continues to change, but the top portion freezes up and the only fix is to unplug and plug back in the USB cable.

Is this a driver issue? Is this a resolution setting? !](](

Hi James,

Thanks for contacting us - and thanks so much for posting the screen shots - that’s super helpful for diagnosis.

There’s nothing software-wise I can think of that would cause this particular top/bottom rendering problem, so I’d like to get you a pre-tested replacement unit to confirm if it might be a bad unit.

Could you email your Amazon order # to (so we can match with our records) and a link to this thread, and we’ll get that out to you right away.

Thanks for your patience!