Working with Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 with t100

Jambo dear friends,
I’m Welongo, from Kenya. I work for an institution of higher education and we are using the new Multiseat technology which I just learned recently. Our system has HP Compaq M6000 servers, with WMS 2010 built-in. We multiseat uses T100 HP Multiseat thin clients that makes the connection from the server to the different stations. To enhance our security and easy the work, we were advised to upgrade to WMS 2011 or 2012. We got the installer for WMS 2011 and WMS 2012 and the set-up went fine.
The problem after installation is that after the upgrade, I can only work with the server in safe mode, connected directly to one monitor with a USB mouse and keyboard. Connecting the other stations before the booting makes the machine stay blank until when I connect a monitor and use USB keyboard.
I have tried to install different types of drivers from HP and DisplayLink, but no change so far.
Coule it be that the WMS 2011 cannot work with t100? What can I do?
I hope you can understand my English, as I’m not an English-speaker.