won't transfer data to usb3.0 harddrive

I recently bought a usb 3.0 i/o card(standard). I installed the unit downloaded the soft ware. and pluged my new 3.0 seagate hard drive in.when I try to send a file to drive I get an error stating that source cannot find file. everything works fine when I use a usb 2.0 connection. the computer recognizes drive and shows driver to be installed it just wont transfer files. Any help will be appreciated. thnx Bob Fowler

Hi Robert - Thanks for posting! Sorry you’re experiencing this problem. Let’s try to get it figured out.

Can you say what version of Windows you are on?

A couple of quick things to double-check:

* Does the Seagate USB 3.0 hard drive have its own power supply? Is it plugged in? If it’s doesn’t, did you connect the 4-pin (white) molex connector to the motherboard power supply when installing the PCI Express USB 3.0 expansion card?
* Since the Seagate drive works in USB 2.0, does it work when using a USB 2.0 cable, but connecting to the USB 3.0 ports on the expansion card?
* Can you transfer some files over to the drive with USB 2.0, and then see if you’re able to read those files of the drive with USB 3.0?

With the Windows OS version (XP, Vista, or 7), we’ll then be able to dig a little deeper.

Thank you for your patience while we get this figured out!

hello bernie

I recently s

Hello Bernie,

In response to your reply to my problem with my 3.0 i/o card(standard).
1.0 The seagate hd has its own power supply but I did plug in the molex connector.
2.0 I can’t use a standard 2.0 cable with hard drive since it has a special split 3.0 plug on it.
3.0 I transfered files to hard drive using usb 2.0 system. I can read the files just fine using the 3.0 i/o board. I just cant write to drive with system.
4.0 I am using windows 7, 64bit

any further help would be appreciated. thnx r fowler

Hi Robert,

Thank you for the additional info!

Is this hard drive the Seagate GoFlex family? http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/prod…

Searching, we can’t find any other instances of a “source cannot find file” error. The particulars of this error is probably the most important clue to solving the issue. Can you post the exact text of the error, along with a little more description of how you’re copying the file (e.g. dragging a file in the UI? From where to where?) to generate the error?

Even better, if you could use Windows 7’s “snipping tool” application, and capture the error message, and add that image to a reply here.

Thanks for your patience! We’ll get this figured out.