WMS 2011 premium: Remote Desktop Privleges error?

Hello Everyone! New WMS 2011 Premium Administrator!
Hey Bernie! its Me Terry From Operation Stand Down Nashville, we spoke on the phone!
I was able to procure 10 of the Plugable UD-160-Ms (So far only one was bad when it arrived and needs to be RMA to Amazon :frowning: )

Well I got 5 of them setup so far but im experiencing a strange error…

I create the LabUser profile in the Management screen, and when I go to the station to log in with the LabUser (standard User) i get an error saying the user does not have remote desktop privileges… Which is strange…
My multipoint setup is not connected to the domain or anything anymore,(was previously but I disconnected it to eliminate any possible issues Domains tend to cause) nor does it give me the option to change their remote desktop abilities from the management screen…

Q1: Why is it trying to use remote desktop anyway? Its a USB connected Plugable… Or is that normal behavior?

Q2: Why is it giving me a hard time about credentials anyway… Is there a step im missing to configure the docks as one of the clients? They DO work, cause I can log on to ALL of them with the admin (runs GREAT so far BTW)…

Q3: Have you seen this before?

Q4: What are you wearing? LOL

Operation Stand Down Nashville
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I made LabUser part of the remote desktop group and was able to log in… but sheesh… this is WAY TOO MUCH privilege… I don’t feel like this is right. I want them as locked down as humanly possible, not standard users. For some reason as well, internet explorer doesn’t work for the LabUser… if I log in with 5 admins, I can do video and everything with IE… I think im going to install firefox anyway as it is superior in every way to IE LOL

Any suggestions on previous problem?

Any suggestions on this problem (the user access ability and the IE).

Should I just make it part of the domain and control thier access rights from there?

I dont want my users navigating my network either… so I may have to do it from the domain unless there is an easier way from the Multipoint itself…

Hi Terry,

Thanks for posting! Windows Multipoint server is actually built on Microsoft’s remote desktop technology. So that level of permission is assumed by Microsoft’s software.

They’ve designed it so teachers are admin users (see http://blogs.technet.com/b/multipoint…)

And students/normal users are limited users.

When set up WMS 2011, you can and should add users through WMS’s “Maintenance Mode”. That’ll set up all the permissions the way Microsoft expects them.

It sounds like you’re creating and setting permissions a different way. If you create a user through WMS’ Maintenance Mode console and then log in as that user, do you get results you expect?

Just let us know - we’ll try to help as much as we can … and also Microsoft is the best resource for anything in the bowels of their product.


when I set them up through the maintenance mode, and i try to log is as them, is exactly when it gives me the remote desktop privileges error.

Oh, and thanks for responding!

Thanks for the quick response, Terry!

Are the centralized permissions for the system still the defaults, or is there a chance they might have been changed in order to try to lock down the server more?

Here’s a little background on Windows RDP permissions settings (check if this kind of stuff was modified at all):

Given the type of error you’re reporting, which has more to do with WMS than the specifics of USB terminals – you may get a quicker answer from Microsoft support, than we’ll be able to provide.

But definitely I’m willing to do whatever we can.


I checked the permissions, they are a little messed up from when I had it on the domain… But adding the user as a remote destop user on the Multipoint rig allowed logon… I had unplugged one of the hubs and plugged it back in while i was rocking some cable management… and bad things have happened… First, it seemed like all of the desktops were sharing a screen with one another… literally one half of one desktop was on one monitor and the other half was on the other. I restarted the multipoint rig and now none of them will go into normal mode, they simply boot to a black screen and stay there OR only three of them will appear in the “station list”… also… it looks like another one of the plugables has died, the blue light wont come on anymore (the reason i started the cable management), I have checked its power supply against another i knew was working and ti doesn’t light up. That is 2 bad out of 10 in one order…

Hi Terry,

Two of the blue LEDs going off (which means power isn’t making it to the terminal) isn’t normal. If you can double check the power connection from the wall to those two, they should be fixable – I’d hope those would be a cable unplugged or a power bar getting switched off. But let us know if that’s not it.

It’d be best if we clear that up before getting on to the other stuff. Can you check closer to see if you can get the blue LED up on those two terminals?

Once that is done, I’d recommend rebooting the multipoint machine with no terminals, then just to see what’s happening more clearly, plug each in one-by-one.

If a blue LED isn’t on – that’s an essential first step. Then if a terminal doesn’t come up, checking the USB connection back to the server is the next step.

Please let us know if you can’t get a blue LED up on any terminal – we’ll want to step back and understand that first.