Wireless USB HD Webcam

i need to connect a usb hd webcam, wireless to my computer, up to 15 meters (45 ft) distance. which of your products may i use? may i have the user/owner’s manual pdf?
thank you

Hi - Thanks for posting! We don’t have a product (or combination of products) that does that today. Sorry we can’t help directly!

Webcams make heavy use of the USB 2.0 bus, especially at HD resolution. And where USB displays can deal flexibly with other traffic on the bus, and USB audio isn’t too bad, webcams are more demanding and use a less forgiving protocol.

If you have line-of-sight, probably your best bet is a Wireless USB transmitter and receiver like http://www.amazon.com/Cables-Go-29571…. But with HD webcam and 45 feet distance, it’ll be really pushing it – I’m not sure of the results you’ll get.

Good luck!