Wireless set cuts out

I purchased on Amazon a Plugable USB 2.0 Wireless Audio Adapter and Receiver (SYNIC chipset) to listen to music wirelessly on my laptop. It worked fine for some time but now (after the 30 day return window, naturally) it has started to cut out while music is playing and the receiver has to be turned on again. Then it cuts out again within minutes. Any recommendations? Or do I have a dud that needs replacing or a refund? I am using a 2010 MacBook with Alesis M1 Active powered speakers.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for posting! I am sorry to know about the disconnects you are having with the Plugable USB 2.0 Wireless Audio Kit. Let’s try to figure out what is causing it.

Some quick questions to narrow things down-:

  1. When the disconnect happens, is the LED on the receiver no longer lit?

  2. If the receiver and the speakers connected to it are kept close to the dongle, do the disconnects happen?

  3. Is the receiver powered up by the AAA battery or through the AC Wall power adapter (not included with the Kit)?

Once you post back with this information, we will figure out the next steps.

Thanks for your patience while we figure this out.


Hi Roze, thanks for the prompt reply.

  1. No, the LED on the receiver goes off when the disconnect happens.

  2. The dongle is always within 4 or 5 feet of the receiver.

  3. I’m using a battery. I might think that a dying battery could be responsible, but I’ve gone through one battery so far, and when it died it just disconnected and wouldn’t connect again. Not so in this case–a few seconds after the disconnect, I can power on the receiver again and music will resume playing. Then go off again after a minute or 2.



Thanks for the information! Although the receiver will sleep (go into power saving mode) after a few minutes of audio silence or after 30 minutes of playback, it is unusual to go off within two minutes when the audio is playing.

Two possible causes for disconnects are a dying battery or a change in the setup, like the position of the receiver or something physical being placed between the dongle and the receiver that could be blocking the wireless signal triggering the sleep behavior.

From your responses it doesn’t seem like it could be either of the two. So we would like to send you a pretested replacement to rule out a faulty Plugable USB 2.0 Wireless Audio Kit.

As soon as you shoot us an email at support@plugable.com with your Amazon Order ID, a link to this thread and the best address to send the pretested replacement, we can ship it to you.


Great, thanks! I’m sending the email now.

For the benefit of anyone who is interested-:

We sent Peter a pretested replacement which worked fine on his setup. When the batteries were swapped, the issue followed the battery and the original unit worked fine (with the battery of the replacement set). Hence the root cause of the issue was identified as a bad/dying battery.