Wireless internet stopped working on Surface Pro 3 after installing the DisplayLink Driver Version 7.7 M2

Downloaded and installed the driver, internet immediately went off. Tried with other devices and verified it was working, rolled back to just before I installed the driver and everything went back to normal

Hi Michael,

Thanks for contacting us. I’m going to guess you are using our UD-3900 docking station with your Surface, I’m sorry it isn’t working properly. I’d like to help.

The behavior you describe is not something we usually see with Surface tablets (the Wi-Fi dropping when connected to the dock).

What I would like you to do is try a clean install of the drivers. If you would, please follow these directions:

  1. Disconnect the dock from the computer and please remove the power cable from the dock so it turns off completely.

  2. Uninstall DisplayLink Core software from Control Panel->Programs. Don’t worry if this fails, just move onto the next step

  3. Download and run the DisplayLink cleaner tool, found here:

  4. Once the Cleaner has been run, reboot (even if not prompted to)

  5. Now download and run the 7.7 M2 DisplayLink software, found here:

  6. Reboot, even if not prompted to

  7. Once you’re back in Windows, reattach the power cable to the dock first. Once the dock is powered on, reconnect it to your PC which will trigger the final portion of the installation

Please let us know if that helps. If not, we have developed a utility called PlugDebug which gathers some information about your system. It is available from this link:


At your convenience if you would follow the instructions on that page for your operating system and send an email to support@plugable.com with Ticket 82068 in the subject line
with the .ZIP file that the application creates?

We can determine the next steps from there.

Thank you,

Plugable Technologies