Wireless Audio Power Adapter

I’d like to get a power adapter for my wireless audio adapter (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004…), but I’m not sure what kind to get - the rating, that is. 5V and 1.2 A? 5V and 3A? Something else?
Also, FYI, I’ve rated the item on Amazon (though, you may not see the comment for a day or two) - 5 stars. I really love this product - especially since it’s supported on Linux.

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for your question, and thanks so much for the kind words in your review!

You’re right - the transmitter is USB powered, but it would be great to be able to buy a power adapter for the receiver (rather than use the supplied battery), for those scenarios where you’ve got a long-term setup (like going wireless from a PC to a stereo across the house). We’re planning to add that accessory in the future.

Until then, unfortunately you’ll have to match an off-the-shelf power adapter to the receiver. The receiver needs DC 5V /1A. The tricky part is matching the right barrel size: it’s a 3mm/1mm outside/inside diameter. But that is very hard to match. What we’d recommend is a universal ac/dc adapter with a few different plug and voltage choices in this range (plus that’s a useful gadget for many circumstances).

But particularly because you’ve been kind, we don’t want to leave you hanging. We have some adapters around that we know are compatible, and we’d be happy to send you one. Just email your amazon order number to support@plugable.com, and we’ll get one out to you. Unfortunately, we can’t make this a general offer … but if there’s demand, we’ll definitely get this accessory up for sale.

Thanks again Tyler!