Wireless Audio Box not Finding Dongle

I have the Plugable USB 2.0 Wireless adapter. I got it to work once but never again. My setup is a s follows:
Dell XPS M1330 on Vista

  1. The Wireless Audio Box is on battery and blinking slowly.
  2. I have inserted the Wireless Audio Dongle, it is also blinking slowly.
  3. I checked the device manage and the donlge appears as SYNIC Wireless Audio device working properly.
  4. As per the instructions, I press the Dongle button for three seconds.
  5. The dongle light begins to blink rapidly.
  6. I then press the volume button on the Audio Box for three seconds
  7. The Dongle goes back to blinking slowly
  8. The “beep” never sounds.
  9. No audio output goes to my system–the association has not been made.

Is there something else I should be doing?

The pairing process can be tricky, for sure. Everything looks fine up (except possibly pressing the buttons for steps 4 & 6 at the same time).

Have you already had a chance to watch our video of the setup process?


Let us know if that helps at all, or if things still aren’t going – we’ll figure out next steps.

Thanks for your patience!

Just an update for the benefit of others - this setup is now working fine.

What was causing the confusion is this: Applications will use Windows’ default audio device by default, but they may override or not switch when the Windows default changes.

In this case, the customer was using a music player called MediaMonkey and (unlike Windows Media Player) when the default audio device was switched in the Windows control panel, MediaMonkey didn’t listen to the notification and stayed on the prior audio output.

It just took closing and reopening the MediaMonkey app to get it to switch to the default audio device and get everything working.

So this is a good note: It’s helpful to have something playing while configuring (so you can hear where audio is going), but if you’re not using Windows Media Player, you may have to close/reopen the app each time you change the default audio output!

Thanks again to this customer for getting their setup up and running!