Windows XP to Windows XP Transfer

Hi all,

I have two computers running windows XP and when I run the transfer program I am unable to transfer files because “one of my computer’s is not designated as the new computer.” The problem is that when I start up the program there is not an option to select the computer as new; only the old option exists.

Prior to my purchase of plugable cables, I looked into different types of transfer cables and ever brand will always designate which windows platform(s) their cables are compatible with. I know some transfer cables must have windows 7 on one of the computers but plugable does not make this claim. I am skeptical on the accuracy of that seeing as how this is the only culprit I can think of. Is this the problem or is there something else going on?

Thanks for the input.


Thank you for contacting us about the Easy Transfer Cable.

You are correct in your conclusions about using the cable between two XP machines. The Microsoft Easy Transfer software only works between an XP machine and a Windows 7 machine or higher.

However, the Bravura Easy Computer Sync software that is included with your purchase of the cable does allow transfers from one XP machine to another.

When you purchased the cable, we sent an email with download information and a product key that will let you use the Bravura software on multiple computers. If that email is no longer available to you, I would be happy to resend it. Just send me your Amazon order number directly to us at (you don’t want to put it in this public forum).

Instructions for using the Bravura software are available at their website at this URL:…

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Plugable Support