Windows XP - Mirror Extended Monitor and USB Display Device

Using Windows XP on a laptop (1) with an extended monitor (2). Now using your USB to project the project on a TV (3). Need to mirror monitor (2) and TV (3)

Hi William,

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On XP, monitors always mirror the “primary” monitor.

So to have 2/3 mirror, you’ll need to set #2 as your primary monitor, and then mirror #3 to the primary.

* Go to XP’s “Display Properties” control panel, click #2, and check “Use this device as the primary monitor”

* Go to DisplayLink’s tray applet, select your adapter and select “mirror”


You can find more on page 16-18 of…

I know this may not be exactly what you were hoping, but mirroring has its limitations (and they vary from XP to Win7). Let us know how things stand after you have a chance to try these suggestions …

Thanks for your patience!