Windows update disables UGA-125

I am running a UGA-125 on my Windows 8 system, or at least I was, until I just put a Displaylink update on from Windows Update (Created in November).

Now it refuses to work, unplug/replugging gets a USB “unknown device” message.



Update details;

DisplayLink Corp. - Other hardware - DisplayLink Display Adapter (0379)
Installation date: ‎12/‎14/‎2012 10:26 PM
Installation status: Succeeded
Update type: Optional
DisplayLink Corp. Other hardware software update released in November, 2012

Hi Bryan,

Sorry to hear about the issue with your UGA-125 getting disabled. I’ll be able to help. Here’s a link to instructions on how to run the DisplayLink Support Tool.…

Please run the support tool and forward the resulting log file along with your Amazon Order Id over to us at and we’ll get you fixed up.


Plugable Technologies