Windows Re-Scaling Issue

Hi, im having a resizing issue with a new Lenovo laptop I purchased. I dug through the threads but could not find an answer to my specific problem, so hopefully someone out there can help!

I bought a Lenovo X1 Carbon (4th gen) running Windows 8.1. It has one of those super high res screens, like 2560x1440, which I think is a bit overkill for a 13" laptop, but thats just my opinion… In any event here is the issue; When I switch between my monitor (native res 1920x1080) using a plugable USB 3.0 Docking Station, Windows Explorer, including the menu items, icons, and other core windows functions are super tiny, they are not scaling correctly. I am using a DVI cable to connect between the monitor and Plugable.

Sometimes I have a similar issue on my external monitor, but not everytime I plug it in. The problem is corrected once I restart my computer, but that can be annoying especially if I have open projects that I need to save.

I have looked through all the display settings and played around with the Plugable settings as well. Nothing seems to work unless I restart my system. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Actually just saw this after I posted, but still could use a little incite here……

Hi Paul,

Thanks for posting. I’d be happy to help!

You have run into a common problem with Windows in that when confronted with multiple displays with a large disparity in resolution and pixel density it can do a less than perfect job of scaling the content on each. To add insult to injury it often won’t repeat the behavior in a predictable manner.

The best way to combat the issue I have found is to manually set the scaling in Windows and/or lower the resolution of the internal super hi-res display to match that of the external displays so scaling does not become an issue.

The best guide out there in regard to changing these settings is here –>…

Hopefully tweaking the settings works for you. Windows 10 will allow even more control over scaling when released, so hopefully the situation improves. Here are some references from Microsoft as to the behavior if you are interested:……

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