Windows Multipoint 2012 with three DC-125's Problem


Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or haven’t configured something right but I have a i5 PC with windows multipoint server 2012 installed on it and three dc-125’s plugged into it.

I have the most updated drivers for the graphics, display link DC-125 and windows, these were installed under maintainence/normal mode,

I get all three screens to come up with “create a multipoint server station” so the displays are working.

However, when I plug in a keyboard or mouse into any of the plugable’s the display goes off, but I get lights on the keyboard and mouse, these are generic mice and keyboards (No hubs attached).

Please tell me what I am doing wrong, because at the moment it looks like I am only able to use the plugable’s as a USB hubs.


Dominic Slaughter

Hi Dominic,

Thanks for posting! We’ll be able to help.

Jerome replied to your other email contact and we’ll help there. But for the benefit of others, with symptoms like this – where the display attached to the DC-125 comes up, but then goes off at the point another USB device like a keyboard or mouse is plugged in to the DC-125 – this points to an issue of getting enough power for the DC-125.

The DC-125 requires USB 2.0’s full power per port (500mA). Unpowered hubs, etc. can get in the way of that. It sounds like you’re doing all the right things, but just reply on that other thread and we’ll figure out what’s not right on the overall configuration.