Windows get thrown around upon switching users / logging back in

Hi I currently have 2 monitors on my Win 7 PC and am using 2 plugable adapters so total 4 monitors. If I place a browser or app in each window then log out and click switch users, then log back as the same user (or another one already logged in), my windows do not stay in place. They flicker and randomly get thrown from one window to another.

Is there a way to resolve this?

p.s. love your product!


Hi Philip,

Thanks for posting and thanks so much for the kind words!

Unfortunately, this window roulette looks like a Windows 7 common problem if you’re using fast user switching. It’s unrelated to the drivers in particular, but rather is a Windows level issue with saving and restoring window position. It doesn’t bother most people with only two monitors, but as you add monitors it definitely gets more annoying (again, if you’re fast user switching).

Our best suggestion if this is a common scenario for you, is one of the utilities designed to solve this problem on Windows. One we can recommend (free to try; $10 to buy) is a utility called Window Manager from DeskSoft…

If you want to live with what Windows 7 itself provides, the special Windows key, when combined with the arrow keys, will move windows left and right across monitors and maximize and minimize. Can be a quick way to get windows back onto the monitors you want, after your Windows 7 has messed with your mind.

Hope that helps (a little). Thanks again!